About Us

At Razzmatazz, our mission is to groom your pet in the least stressful and most friendly way possible.  
I was raised in a doggy environment and started showing a Skippy when I was five.  Since then, I’ve been active in and enjoyed many activities in dogdom from training to working and showing dogs. Grooming however became an integral part of my life when I realised my dream of owning a Standard Poodle.  After many years of grooming cats and dogs for friends and family, in January 1998 I opened Razzmatazz Parlour.  
I’ve been fortunate that most of my staff have worked with me since inception and together we’ve continued from strength to strength in experience and technique.  
In 2007, having won the KUSA National Dog of the year with Usher, I competed in the Eukanuba World Challenge in America.  This gave me the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best show groomers in the world.